welcome, wildcats!

The Paw Print

Greenwood High School Journalism Club

a place where students from Greenwood can express themselves and their interests!

The Paw Print is Greenwood High School's very own publication, featuring student-written paraphernalia. Here you'll find: 

  • community news - insights into our community events, local happenings, and renowned borough history

  • interviews - read engaging and notable talks with community members, faculty, the student body, or even well-known Pennsylvanians!

  • school news - what Greenwood events are happening this month? find out through member reports

  • current events - news that branches out from Greenwood and gives students a worldly and accurate perspective on many various topics!

and so many more interesting writings! We'll keep you posted with fresh articles scattered about each month. Be sure to give our writers and editors feedback to keep the Paw Print conversation going!