Alix Moreland

Social Media Director/Staff Writer

Alix Moreland is a senior and an aspiring ghost writer. They find long walks in the woods annoying and not at all thrilling or inspirational.

Meet Our Staff


Rocky Shuler

Editor/Staff Writer

Rocky is a senior and the head editor of journalism club. He enjoys writing, editing, and being creative through art and poetry. Rocky is also passionate about music and aspires to work with musicians to design gig posters, write press releases, and expose a world of independent artists through journalism.


Mrs. Campbell

Staff Adviser

Mrs. Campbell is the journalism club advisor. She teaches English and is an ardent believer in the power of the pen. After positive experiences from both high school and college newspaper editorial boards, she is thrilled to be a part of the Paw Print!


Lia Zurenko

Editor/Staff Writer

Lia is a sophomore, as well as a second-year Co-Editor and Staff Writer. Lia is an active member of many clubs and organizations such as Greenwood Field Hockey, Renaissance, and Jazz Band, among others. In her free time, she enjoys collecting crystals, listening to music, spending time with friends, drawing, and helping people in whatever ways she can.


Nevin Brofee

Coordinator/Staff Writer

Nevin is a senior and journalism coordinator. He is very involved with clubs at school and enjoys writing when he can.  He is passionate about the stories he writes about and tries his best to tell the whole story.  He is very excited and ready to write for the Paw Print.


Spencer Watts

Staff Writer

Spencer is a senior. He is a part of many clubs and organizations such as Musical, FFA, and of course, Journalism. Outside of school he runs his own small photography business, Farm View Photography. Some of his hobbies include photography, horseback riding, and reading. 


Emily Hixson

Staff Writer

Emily Hixson is a senior at Greenwood. In her free time, she loves to play field hockey, travel, and go shopping with her friends.


Drew Bratton

Staff Writer

Drew is a sophomore.  Since this is his first year in the Journalism Club, he is looking forward to seeing what his first year holds.  Outside of school he likes to play tennis and golf, work in his garden, and really just enjoy life.  By joining the Journalism Club, he believes that he will be able to learn and report lots of exciting information from around the community.


Nathan Lesh

Staff Writer

Nathan Lesh is a junior. He is involved in numerous other clubs and organizations in school such as National Honor Society, Renaissance, class officers, and the FFA. Outside of school he is an avid outdoorsman with passions in fishing, hunting, horticulture, and trapping. He also enjoys raising livestock, wood turning, and 3D printing.


Skyler McMillen

Staff Writer

Skyler is a first-year member of journalism. He is no stranger to writing, as he is the former head writer of GNN (Greenwood News Network) and a current member of yearbook. He is prepared to create interesting and appealing articles for all Paw Print readers!


Louie Gill

Staff Writer

Louie is a sophomore and first-year journalism member. Louie has interrests in Photography, writing, digital design and cows, Louie likes taking pictures of landscapes, livestock, and plants. Louie is also in activities such as 4H, Color guard, Vo-Tech, American Junior Simmi association, and, PA maine association.

Hannah Morrison

Staff Writer

Screenshot 2021-10-7 9.07.37 PM.png

Roman Polcha

Roman is a freshman at Greenwood High School. He enjoys football and wrestling. He likes listening to rap music, playing fantasy sports, and hanging out with his friends and siblings.