• Drew Bratton

2022 Sophomore Tea

Beginning back in November, the Sophomore Class Officers (Emily Clark, Drew Bratton, Naomi Lyter, Tayla Dusharm, and Sammy Watts) began their work on the Sophomore Tea. While there were many ideas thrown around about things like the theme and location, the final event was a huge success. Even though the weather was not very desirable for a spring evening, and it may have been sleeting outside at times, there was much excitement once everyone started to arrive.

This event took place on March 26th, 2022 from 7:00-9:00 P.M. in the Greenwood Elementary Gymnasium. Once students started to arrive, they had an enchanted view of the decorations that had been thoughtfully set up. Since the theme of the dance was Tea in the Garden, there were vines, lights, and plants all around the gym. In addition to the decorations, there was also a themed photo booth available for pictures during the dance. While it may have been very decorative inside, it is hard not to mention the snacks. There were many tasty snacks that added to the excitement for everyone (including Mr. Nastasi, who was a chaperone). Oatmeal Creme Pies and Twinkies were the favorites from the wide variety of snacks that were provided for the attendees of the dance.

In terms of the dance itself, it was also a great success. Braden Miller, who was the DJ of the event, did a fabulous job at making sure that everyone was enjoying themselves throughout the duration of the dance. Not only was the music on point, but there were yard games that were a huge draw. Throughout the night, people continuously played games such as cornhole, spike ball, and connect 4.

Near the end of the dance, a special announcement was made by some of the Class Officers. It was the Sophomore Superlatives Presentation. This was a special idea that was made possible by the Sophomore Class Officers. Some of the most notable awards that were given out included Class Clown, Most Artistic, Most Likely to Sleep Through an Earthquake, and Most Likely to Be President. All of the students who won an award were then given a trophy provided by the officers to celebrate their achievements.

When the dance was over and everything was cleaned up, I wanted to see what the president of the class, Emily Clark, was thinking about how the dance went. When asked about her overall thoughts regarding the event, she said, “It went very well, and everything came together that the officers had been planning. From a student perspective, it was a good time with lots of fun.” With this, the event did not come without many hours of hard work for all of the students who were actively involved in making sure that the dance was a success. President Clark also says that “[t]he hardest part of being in charge of an event like this is definitely just making sure that everything is lined up and set up on time. In addition, it is always important to make sure that everyone is having fun while the dance is going on.” In my opinion, this dance exceeded all of these expectations and was a huge success for the sophomore class.

As you can tell, this was surely a night to remember for the fifty-some students who were in attendance at this year's Sophomore Tea. While it may have been slightly stressful to plan at times, there was no doubt that everyone had a blast in the end.

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