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Greenwood Student Spotlight: Gabriele Naimo

Gabriele Armando Naimo is not just a student at Greenwood, but he is also a sports star, an FFA officer, and a friend. Gabe Naimo represents the future of Greenwood and continues the long line of kindness, compassion, and sportsmanship held by our students. His work on and off campus highlights the truly unique and stacked individual who walks our halls and

plays on our courts. As a man who makes friends everywhere he goes, it's no wonder you can hear his name chanted at basketball games and hear people call him from across the building.

Raised by his father, an Italian immigrant, Gabe witnessed hard work and perseverance throughout his entire life. He saw the struggles his parents had to go through to get a business off the ground and to make it flourish, and the struggles his father had to go through to adapt to American culture. He grew up with multiple siblings and learned from a young age comradery and loyalty, making it easy for him to transition into the halls of Greenwood and become a leader amongst his peers. His youth shaped him to become the sports star who walks through our halls now and dominates the court and the track.

Gabe always puts his teammates first, making them a powerhouse in basketball and in track, but his kindness isn’t limited to the court—or even to athletics. In class, he makes it a habit to include everyone and is a loud supporter of women's rights. He makes it a point to preach inclusivity and equal justice making it something about him everyone remembers. When grouped with others he makes it a part of his agenda to ensure everyone is included regardless of their gender and race. The kindness of Gabe Naimo is enough that it leaves an impact on others. Gabe is proof enough of Greenwood’s ability to bring people together and the variety of kind nicknames he has been given by the student body demonstrates this. From his friends in the athletics department, he has been given the title “Gabey Goated” for his tremendous athletic and mental prowess. However, others refer to him as “Big G” but by far the greatest title that is looked upon fondly is his title of “KING JABRIEL” given to him by megastar Jalicia J. Johnson also of the sophomore class and also an upstanding member of the Greenwood student body.

Gabe is a man of supreme athletic ability, mental prowess, academic dominance, and leadership qualities that make him stand out amongst the crowd and is a central figure for the sophomore class. Truly, he is one of the most spectacular men to walk the Greenwood hallways and truly he shows how to be a role model and a leader.

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